Elder Troy Logan

Elder Troy L. Logan received Christ in his life while still only a teenager in the summer
of 1984. Upon graduating from Glynn Academy High School he moved to Atlanta to
attend DeVry Institute. It was shortly thereafter that he joined and served for eight years
at one of the largest churches in Atlanta at that time. It was in June of 1995 that the Lord
called him to leave and join himself to Power of Purpose Ministries, a start up ministry
with a big vision! On May 31st 1998 he was ordained a Minister and Elder at Power of
Purpose Ministries.

He has established countless community initiatives and social programs. Programs
such as TEACH (Tell Everybody About CHrist), an evangelistic outreach program that
is both cutting edge and socially relevant. “A Dinner And A Movie”, a powerful and
moving event that was televised and played on various radio mediums, to capture an
intense dialogue between a panel of religious leaders debating the irrefutable evidence of
Christianity. School Of Kingdom Business, a ministry where as he puts it “where destiny
and purpose collide.” A ministry where entrepreneurial gifts are cultivated and nurtured
in a spiritual environment so that we don’t just produce business people, we produce
Kingdom business people! There is also the School Of Ministry Training, Ministry Of
Helps, Man to Man Mentorship Program, and many other programs for which he is
responsible for.

Elder Troy Logan is also founder and director of LEAD (Leaders Equipped to Achieve
Destiny), a ministry birthed out of his passion to see the Body of Christ represented
by real, genuine, authentic, Leaders! Leaders who reflect the mind of Christ in their
attitudes, actions, and speech. LEAD is a revolutionary teaching and training session that
is best described as a Mind, Body, and Spiritual Experience!

Elder Troy Logan has appeared on both TV and radio and serves as a Teacher, Trainer,
Lecturer, Mentor, Counselor, and “whatever God wills”. He is an accomplished author
having written a challenging literary work entitled “Despise Not Small Beginnings”, a
book that dares to challenge the religious status quo.

Elder Troy Logan also enjoys creating wellness in others as a personal and group fitness
trainer. He is a martial arts enthusiast and instructor with over 30 years experience in
multiple disciplines. He also enjoys traveling around the world, sports, and chess. He is
the blessed husband of “the most beautiful woman in the world”, Nicole Logan. They are
the proud parents of two sons, Caleb and Joshua.