Elder Nicole Logan

Nicole L. Logan was born in Lorain, Ohio in a small non-descript town. There
was however nothing ordinary about her. Her family moved to Atlanta in the 80’s and
Nicole’s life was forever changed. As a teenager she received Christ in her life and
shortly after graduating high school she attended West Georgia College. It was at this
time in her life that she began to really share her faith with others, and discovered that
God had given her an ability to speak to the heart of her listeners. She and her family
started attending a fledgling church, meeting in a cafeteria twice a week. Being obedient
to the Word of God, Nicole began “to do whatever her hands found to do”. This led to
her serving in the Children’s Ministry and helping to lay the foundation to what would
become one of the largest churches in Georgia. After serving faithfully for over 5 years
Nicole would leave upon getting married. She would soon join another fledgling church
with a big vision, and immediately began “doing whatever her hands found to do.”

Nicole joined Power of Purpose Ministries in 1995 and was ordained an Elder and
Minister in 1998. Through her tireless and selfless efforts she has become an invaluable
asset to the Ministry. Elder Nicole is the chief liaison between Power of Purpose
Ministries and the community. As the primary events and projects coordinator for Power
of Praise Ministries she has developed and spearheaded countless community initiatives
that continue to bridge the gap between those that know Christ and those that need Christ.
Over the years Nicole has organized various children and youth activities. These include
an annual “Hallelujah Jam” (an alternative to Halloween) for the kids and the kids at
heart, youth trips, youth mentoring programs, youth drama and plays, youth bible studies,
youth straight talk, etc.

Elder Nicole oversees both the Youth and Children ministries and the Intercessory
Prayer Ministry. Elder Nicole is a teacher, trainer, and facilitator for the church. When
not serving in the capacity in ministry, Elder Nicole enjoys cooking, traveling, reading,
and being a mom.

Elder Nicole is married to Elder Troy Logan and together they have two handsome sons,
Caleb and Joshua Logan.